Okay! I've tried everything! Aversion therapy. Alternative rock counseling. The Backstreet Boys. I can't shake my Hanson addiction. I'm so uncool.
Poppy to Adam

Popita Fresh
Biographical Information
Nickname Poppy
Age 16
Status Popular
Occupation Student at Kennedy High
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Friends Mary Cherry
Nicole Julian
Brooke McQueen
Portrayed by Anel Lopez Gorham
First appearance Popular, Round One
Final appearance Lord Of The Files
Episodes 12

Popita "Poppy" Fresh is a reccuring character on Season 1 of Popular. She is portrayed by Anel Lopez.

Character Edit

Poppy is the only Latina of the Populars. She is a Glamazon.


Popular, Round One
Mo' Menace, Mo' Problems
Under Siege
Slumber Party Massacre
Truth Or Consequences
Queen B.
Tonight's The Night
Fall On Your Knees
Ex, Lies And Videotape
Hope In A Jar
All About Adam
Lord Of The Files